Addition: Der Nahzusatz für eine scharfe Sicht auch in der Nähe.

Addition: The close-up addition for a sharp view, even up close.

Addition (also abbreviated to ADD) is the difference between your near baseline and your far baseline. If you are interested in varifocals or work glasses, these are important values ​​to consider when ordering.

You are reading a newspaper and realize that you have to hold it further and further away in order to still be able to see the newspaper article clearly. At the same time, you adopt a totally unnatural posture that leads to a stiff neck and aching arms over a long period of time.

What to do when your arms just aren't long enough anymore?
You do not have to worry. The first signs of presbyopia can usually be corrected easily, even if you already wear glasses.

What is addition?

Addition is mainly used for varifocals, work glasses and, of course, reading glasses. The addition is independent of your distance correction and is also determined by your ophthalmologist or your optician.
It helps you look up close, so you can comfortably read your newspaper articles again.

Presbyopia: what is it exactly?

The eyes lose strength with age. You can compare it to getting gray hair. A normal sign of aging.
The technical term for this is presbyopia.

The addition usually increases with age.
This is because the ability to accommodate decreases.
The pair of eyes can no longer easily adjust to the change in distance from far to near. The reason for this is that our eye lens loses elasticity over the course of life. In most cases, an additional value is then determined from the early to mid-40s in an eye test.

Due to the loss of elasticity, the nearest possible near point shifts further and further into the distance until at some point it is almost impossible to read without support.

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